Topic Modeling

Two questions stand out to me as I consider our readings and discussion of topic modeling. First, how effective is it for historians? And second, in what contexts is it useful? Our in-class experiment with topic modeling sparked these questions for me. When I ran the topic modeling tool on the presidential inaugural addresses, one… Continue reading Topic Modeling

Civil War and Reconstruction Governors of Alabama: Contextual Readings

As the documents we will be transcribing for the Civil War and Reconstruction Governors of Alabama project are almost entirely made up of petitions and requests related to the criminal justice system, one of our readings from this week was Edward Ayers’ Vengeance and Justice: Crime and Punishment in the 19th Century American South. In… Continue reading Civil War and Reconstruction Governors of Alabama: Contextual Readings

Games and Gaming

In Hot Tubs and Pac-Man: Gender and the Early Video Game Industry in the United States, historian Anne Ladyem McDivitt examines the history of the American video game industry through the lens of gender. She argues that “Many of the threads that began in the early years continued or have parallels with the modern video… Continue reading Games and Gaming

Bombingham 2-Minute Podcast

Sources Historical Audio:  Interview with Virginia Sparks Volker by Willoughby Anderson, 15 June 2005. U-0048, in the Southern Oral History Program Collection #4700, Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Interview with Arthur D. Shores by Jack Bass and Walter De Vries, 17 July 1974. A-0021 in the Southern Oral… Continue reading Bombingham 2-Minute Podcast

A Review of Narrative in CSI: Dixie

The website CSI: Dixie was created in 2014 by a team from University of Georgia led by historian Stephen Berry. A self-described “archigraph”—part archive part monograph—and “deconstructed monograph,” the website includes both a digital archive of coroner’s records from South Carolina in the nineteenth century and large sections of interpretive writing.1 The story is told… Continue reading A Review of Narrative in CSI: Dixie

Collecting and Preserving History on the Web

Historian Ansley T. Erickson noted in her 2013 essay “Historical Research and the Problem of Categories” that “information management as a consequential aspect of historical research. How we organize and interact with information from our sources can affect what we discover in them.”1 While Erickson wrote this in the context of organizing one’s own primary… Continue reading Collecting and Preserving History on the Web

Digital Project Review

While Americans still debate the legacy of the New Deal nearly ninety years after it began, few think of it as a time when the federal government codified residential segregation and established it as the national standard. Mapping Inequality: Redlining in New Deal America seeks to change that. Created by a collaboration between the University of Richmond’s… Continue reading Digital Project Review